Small River, Small Fish - 5/3/19 - 3:15pm

I returned to the small river that I have recently become infatuated with in the hope that the previous few days of rain had increased the levels and the fish's appetite.

Slightly different tactics would be employed this time.  The link-leger would be used, of course, but also I had brought along a float rod complete with stick float.  With the evenings lengthening I would have chance to trot a few swims before the darkness made it impossible.

How did things go?  Well, plenty of bites were had but mostly to trotted maggots and all from the smaller residents of the river, minnows, gudgeon and dace.  One submersion of the float did result in a nice sized roach but this slipped the hook as it broke the surface.

I fished on in the wind and showers, very blustery at times, but with only meagre rewards for my efforts.  However, it is great to see the smaller fish are in abundance.  A sure sign that the river is in good health.

I reached to top of the stretch to be greeted by twilight.  Here I did manage to tempt a slightly larger chub with half a lobworm.  This had been intended for the beautiful roach that I know reside in this pool who are suckers for worms but it seemed that they had other ideas today.

So back down the stretch it was, fishing a few swims in the darkness as I made my way back to the car.  However, I didn't receive even one enquiry on the quiver tip.  All very unusual.

The fish here really do respond well to bread usually but not on this occasion.  Well, having said that I have yet to catch a roach from this stretch on bread and I have had a few from here now.  As darkness fell I turned to my banker smelly baits, namely cheesepaste, flavoured luncheon meat and even pellets but to no avail.  In fact I have never had a bite on any of those baits on this stretch at all.  I seem to have discovered chub that don't like cheesepaste and roach that don't like bread...mmm, food for thought.

I enjoyed the session anyway and it was great to try a different tactic here for once and that in itself caused me to fish a few swims I would have usually walked past, one where the nice roach was lost.  That one is logged in the fishing bank for next time.


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