Professionals 1 : Amateurs -2 - 8/8/19 - 6pm

A couple of hours after-work session. The reservoir.  A  Thursday Evening. 
Shorty after arriving I managed to drop off a big crucian as it neared the net. Gutting. 
Half an hour later I managed to lose a decent tench as it tore off across the res....
As I sat there distraught something caught my eye in the sky. I glanced up and thought "buzzard". On closer inspection though I realised it was larger and a totally different shape. "That looks like an osprey" I chuckled to myself "but not in Warwickshire!". 
As I looked on and tried to get some camcorder footage it dived out of shot and plunged into the water. 
It struggled back off the surface...sure enough it was carrying a fish.
"Well, that proves it. An osprey it is".
Suddenly the fishing disappointments were gone and I sat there soaking in what I had just seen as the osprey flew off into the distance with its supper.
There certainly is more to fishing than catching fish and I'd have gone solely to witness such an awesome spectacle.
Tight lines.