Finishing The Season With A Whimper - 11-3-19 - 2:45pm

It was with excitement and anticipation that I arrived at the small river after work.  This was destined to be my final foray to this stretch before time was called on the season so I was hoping for a memorable session roving the mile or so of bends, glides and deep pools.

Well, it certainly was memorable...for the wrong reasons.

The river was carrying a little pace, colour and extra height, pretty much the same water conditions as the previous Friday when I had found it hard going, getting only one bite and landing a lovely conditioned chub from the stretch located a mile further downstream.

I was hoping for a change in fortune from the previous session.  Well, "be careful what you wish for" as the old adage goes.  I got my wish and a change of fortune is what I got....I didn't even get one bite!  Not a knock.  The quiver tip remained lifeless and the float unmolested.

Crazy.  The river looked absolutely perfect.  

I fished my three banker swims too, all of which have never failed to produce fish previously, and decent fish too...roach and chub.  On this occasion however, nothing.  Not even any interest.

I tried trotting, link legering and even the feeder, fishing a dozen likely looking swims with every bait I had at my disposal, bread, maggots, worms, cheesepaste, garlic meat, pellets.  I threw the kitchen sink at them and they stuck two fingers up to me.

Oh well, onwards and upwards.  That's fishing I guess.

One last session is scheduled at the eleventh hour, Thursday evening, which will be on the private stretch of the Avon I have access too.  With the river very high and coloured at the moment I think the only realistic targets are barbel and zander.  However, the former have been conspicuous by their absence here this year so I have no intention of wasting the last few hours of the season pursuing fish that seem no longer to be in residence.

Zander it is then.

Hopefully I haven't already caught my last fish of the season.

Good luck if you are out before the 15th.


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