Hello... And Welcome To My Blog

My name is Nic and I've been coarse fishing for over 40 years. 

I am in the fortunate position to live on the banks of the beautiful Warwickshire Avon near Stratford and it is there that I mostly concentrate my fishing.  

I like to target all coarse species and do so on regular short sessions, sometimes at dawn but mostly at dusk which I find the most productive time.

I employ and enjoy a multitude of methods in pursuit of various species.   

I video all my sessions and upload them to my youtube channel a few days after filming.  This forms a diary of my trials and tribulations throughout the seasons.

Along with my youtube channel I also have a facebook page, instagram account and website, all dedicated to my fishing.

I have a young family and as a result my fishing time is limited.  although sometimes I will be joined by my 13 year old daughter Anastacia who also enjoys fishing. 

I am not driven by fish size, more by the enjoyment in pursuing and catching them.  I place far more importance on my surroundings and methods than on figures.  The joy of my fishing is shown by the smile on my face, not the numbers on my scales.

I hope that serves as a satisfactory introduction to me and my fishing and look forward to hearing from like-minded anglers and sharing experiences with you all.

Tight lines,


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